About Us

MaLift is Malaysias' premier design and engineering company in the  manufacture of special-purpose machine and equipment for agricultural and industrial applications.

Incorporated in 1995 with the holistic mission of venturing into the oil palm plantation mechanisation prospect, MaLift has not only emerged as the market leader in the manufacture of handling and harvesting machine for the oil palm industry but also as a major manufacturer of aerial platform and crane.

Our critical success factors are our accomplishment in design and engineering, our commitment in R & D, our willingness to innovate and above all, our product attractiveness in terms of efficiency and reliability that meets industry requirements and standards.

Our clients are industry leaders associated with plantation, power, telecommunication, construction, and maintenance including several municipalities and city councils. Our latest clients includes the Agricultural Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, where we jointly developed the Multi Purpose Dates Harvesting Machine.

With its success in establishing its product and branding its name in the market, MaLift is in the right position to embark on a marketing plan to increase its local market share and to explore the regional and international market.

Corporate Background

MaLift Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 13th July 1995 by a group of professionals having technical expertise and experience in engineering design, production and marketing to manufacture oil palm fruits handling and harvesting equipment in view of the market potential brought about by the industry ongoing mechanisation and modernisation exercise.

Starting from scratch, the company immediately commence onto the complex engineering design process in search of a workable model while bearing in mind the design constraints in terms of adaptability to existing ground condition and the industry mechanised assets that are already in use.

Meanwhile, armed with engineering design expertise and bold marketing manoeuvres, MaLift was fortunate to be awarded with a sizeable contract for supply of vehicle-mounted aerial platform and crane auger to the power industry. The contract coupled with some other small project enables the company to maintain its viability.

The real breakthrough came with the success of the GIMDEER multi-purpose infield collector with repeat orders from corporate plantation owners. The model was later replaced by the RIMAU series that further enhances MaLifts' reputation in engineering design capability.

MaLift also experienced success in aerial platform production forcing the company to increase its product range to suite customers’ demands and specifications.

Love and loyalty to the company combined with dedication and esprit de corps among partners and key personnel have propelled MaLift to the forefront within the decade.

From its humble beginnings in a makeshift backyard workshop and after a lot of sacrifices, MaLift has now moved into its new premises in Taman Industri Puchong and is well equipped to face new challenges in its endeavour to reach greater success.


Government Recognition

MaLift technical and engineering expertise and capability is duly recognised by the Malaysian Palm Oil Development Board (MPOB), the Small and Medium Industry Development Corporation (SMIDEC) and the Standard Institute of Research and Industry of Malaysia (SIRIM). MaLift received financial grants from the respective institutions for research and development of prototype machines.

The Department of Workers Safety and Health (JKKP) and the Road Transport Department (JPJ) has approved the design and licensing of vehicle-mounted aerial platform and crane.